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(quantum microchip, Gokh)

'HARMONIZER PC': (quantum microchip, Gokh)
Intended for neutralization of negative influences by fields and radiations, which are creating by PC and cell phone.
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(quantum matrix, Gokh)

'HARMONIZER EMA': (quantum matrix, Gokh)
Intended for neutralization of negative influences of electro-magnetic fields and radiations from different technical means that use electricity and radio-waves, at the working place with increased electromagnetic background.
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Inspection and exposure of geo-pathogenic zones in different apartments by certified equipment IGA-1

Inspection and exposure of geo-pathogenic zones in different apartments by certified equipment IGA-1.
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      Noosphere (in Greece, noos is mind) is the sphere of nature and society interaction, where reasonable human activity becomes the key factor of development (this sphere has several names more: Technosphere, Anthroposphere, social sphere).

      The Concept of Noosphere, as the ideal, conscious cover shrouding Earth ideal whose formation is connected with the appearance and development of human consciousness, was introduced at the beginning of 20th century by P.T. de Charden and E. Lerua. V.I. Vernadsky added a material content to the concept: Noosphere is the new, highest stage of Biosphere related to appearance and development of humanity, which becomes the greatest power when cognizing nature laws and improving industry. This power can be compared with geological power. It begins to direct all processes on Earth (also in near-Earth space in the future), and produces deep changes in the Earth sphere.
(Encyclopedia. Internet. Rubicon.)

      Founders of Noosphere doctrine have thus formed the concept of transforming the unconscious Biosphere into conscious Biosphere (Noosphere) as a result of reasonable man's activity.

      In 2010 a group of scientists supervised by dr. V.A. Gokh found Crimean Pyramids. They also scanned and proposed the new model of Earth nucleus. According to this model, reactions of thermonuclear synthesis are continually going in the center of Earth. Pyramids participate in the control of these processes. Many of them are spread around all Earth, at different places, and work as energy-informational transmitters between Earth's nucleus and certain star systems in the Space.

      Our investigations enabled us to supplement conclusions of Gokh group about pyramids purpose. Crimean pyramids are a member of intercommunication of world pyramid system, which create energy-informational framework around Earth. This framework exists from the moment of Earth appearance. Pyramids stay at the main points of this framework (like cell system of communication with antennas in different regions) and work as harmonizing etalon of Universe basic frequency. In this framework, in created penetrating everywhere etalon energy-informational field, Universe administrative process is continually going on and influences all life processes on the Earth, inside the nucleus of our planet, in biosphere, in biological systems including harmonization of human conscious level.

      By this energy-informational network, including Crimean Pyramids, informational exchange is going on in frames of Creation, new structures of broaden Universe are filling by life and mind.

      Going back to the question about Biosphere mind, modern scientific data, including discoveries of V.A. Gokh, enables to conclude that Noosphere existed long before the reasonable activity of modern man started. It exists now and will exist in future independently of mankind.

      Humanity as a result of its development can only approach the harmony and perfection of Noosphere, join it and become the organ for self-cognition and transformation, or to perish one more time due to large scale reaction of defense mechanisms of Noosphere to 'reasonable activity' of Humanity. Another is not given us. Pyramids are the silent witnesses of it - the touchable reality of Noosphere, a link between Noosphere and civilizations, replacing each other.

      The essence of the NOOSPHERE concept is the exposure of fundamental integrity of Space, Biosphere, environment, society, Man, his bio-psycho-physiology and mind.

      With the discovery of Crimean pyramids we got unique possibility to observe pyramid work for harmonization of space and surrounding. Cognizing and understanding of these processes gave us the ability to modulate different systems and to use them to develop novel, technologies, ecologically compatible with Noosphere, for harmonization of Technosphere and Biosphere. These technologies are universal and applicable practically in all fields of human activity.

      In the basis of Noosphere technologies are the resonance principles of interactions, ''Noosphere patents', whose idea was described already in 'Emerald Tablets of Hermes Trismegiste'.

A part of them we propose you as NEB-technologies:

(Noosphere Eco-Biotechnologies)

  • Care about the health of your dearest?
  • Your kids spend too much time at the computer?
  • Need to talk too much over the cell phone?
  • Your parents spend too much time watching TV?
  • Want that your present remind about you every day?
  • Looking for a special souvenir?

    Buy the neutralizer of negative influences of fields and radiations, created by PC and cell phones: Harmonizer PC
  • Harmonizer PC has been tested by Foll diagnostics (the method of conductivity of acupuncture points). Fol diagnostics showed different pathologies of men organism. After Harmonizer PC was placed into the pocket of tested men Fol diagnostics showed that earlier detected pathologies disappeared, or detected values were improved by 20-30%. Experimental results demonstrate the positive influence of Harmonizer PC on men organism.

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